Burlington Cricket Club

For the love of cricket

Year-round Cricket!

Social Club

Great place to meet people with a common interest, the sport of cricket! BCC has 2 places to play, depending on weather.

Cricket Equipment

Burlington Cricket Club has shared club equipment, including bats, cricket balls, wickets, etc.,

New and Experienced

People in the club have all levels of experience, and it’s a welcoming place to join!


Burlington Cricket Club has two locations, if you are not sure which location an event is happening at, please contact us on the WhatsApp group.

Central Park Field

Central Park Field has a flat area to setup the cricket pitch. This is an outdoor area, booked in advance, and is used in the spring and summer weather.


Brant Hills Community Centre

Brant Hills Community Centre has an indoor recreational area, booked in advance by the club. The centre is used in the winter months.


Cricket Club

Established with a vision to foster the love for cricket, our club has been a cornerstone in the development and promotion of the sport in Canada. We take pride in our rich history, our vibrant community, and the indelible mark we’ve left on the cricketing landscape.

Over the years, the Burlington Cricket Club has played a pivotal role in the development of cricket in Canada. We have actively participated in leagues, tournaments, and community events, showcasing the spirit of the game and inspiring others to join the cricketing fraternity.

Whether you’re a seasoned cricketer or someone taking the first steps into the cricketing world, the Burlington Cricket Club welcomes you. Join us in celebrating the sport, building friendships, and contributing to the ever-evolving narrative of cricket in Canada.

Come, be a part of our cricketing family at the Burlington Cricket Club, where the love for the game knows no boundaries, and every innings is a celebration.


Burloak Falcons win the first ever BCC Indoor Premier League 2023

Six teams, nine intense matches, and one epic victory! The @burloakfalcons claimed a thrilling 67-run win over BBC Blue in a sensational final. Huge thanks to @swadeshsupermarket , @bostonpizzawaterdown , and @mughalspicesburlington for their valued support. Kudos to...

BCC Indoor Premier League 2023 Championship Trophy Presentation

BCC Indoor Premier League 2023 Championship Trophy Presentation by sponsor, Swadesh Supermarket to captain of the Burloak Falcons.

Kirthivasan Venkateswaran of Burloak Falcons wins the MVP of the Burlington Indoor Premier League 2023

Unstoppable on the pitch: Kirthivasan, the true MVP of the Burlington indoor cricket tournament, scoring 133 runs in just 4 innings at a blazing strike rate of 214.52! #cricketmvp #dominationonthepitch

Indoor Premier League 2023

BCC Cricket Indoor Premier League 2023

Winter Indoor Cricket Session 5 – Burlington Cricket Club

@burlingtoncricketclub Winter Cricket Indoor Session 5 – Burlington Cricket Club #cricket #cricketlover #cricketlove #burlington #ontario #canada ♬ IRIE – Radio Edit – DJ FloopsView post on Facebook!

Mayor needs to Increase Cricket Facilities in Burlington, Ontario

As a passionate cricket player residing in Burlington, I have firsthand experience of the lack of cricket facilities in our city. My team and I are often left scrambling for suitable places to practice and play. This is not just our story but a common struggle for all...

Burlington Cricket Club Christmas Celebration 2023

CHRISTMAS INVITATION Join us for a joyous Christmas celebration. Date: December 23, 2023 Time: 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM Venue: Appleby Ice Center. Cost: $30 Per Person (Includes food, drinks, and games) (Children under 18 free) Celebrate the Festival of Snow with your...

Burlington Cricket Club watching World Cup 2023 Finals between Australia and India

Burlington Cricket Club watching World Cup 2023 Finals between Australia and India Title: A Cricketing Extravaganza: Burlington Cricket Club Unites for World Cup 2023 Finals In the heart of Burlington, anticipation and excitement reach a fever pitch as the Burlington...

Winter Cricket Training 2023

Title: Embracing the Chill: Burlington Cricket Club’s Winter Cricket Training at Brant Hills Community Centre In the heart of winter, when frost graces the windows and snow blankets the ground, the Burlington Cricket Club defies the chill by taking their passion...

Diwali Party 2023 – Burlington Cricket Club

Diwali 2023 Short VideosClick here to see our full photo album on Facebook

Rahul Dhakan is one of BCC’s Top All Rounders

Rahul Dhakan is one of Burlington Cricket Club’s Top All Rounders who consistently contributes with both bat and ball. Rahul also has a safe pair of hands and puts his heart and soul into his fielding and cricket.